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FSEC welcomes all veterans, and offers a free program allowing physically fit veterans diagnosed with PTSD to spend private one on one time with equine at FSEC. Working with equine on the ground takes patience, understanding, breathing techniques, controlling your pulse rate, focusing on only the equine being worked with, learning to discipline your emotions while staying completely relaxed, calm and compassionate. While practicing this, the equine being worked with will let the handler know when they are doing it right by responding back in the same manner. Once the equine feels the handler has become internally relaxed, calm and completely focused it will mimic the emotion, respond with complete trust and begin to bond with the handler as the herd leader. If the handler looses focus the equine will also loose it's trust and respond accordingly. To correct the lost trust from the equine, handler has to regain complete focus for the equine to regain trust and respond accordingly.

We provide tapered handling, starting with partially trained equine progressing to working with a wild mustang of variable ages and sizes.
Depending on veterans comfort level, veteran will be paired with a equine accordingly and this can be adjusted throughout the visits.

Depending on when handler is working with equine at FSEC, one handler will be allowed to participate, going to BLM holding facility if he or she chooses with FSEC, to help choose and pick up a wild mustang to be rescued. This is quite an experience, seeing hundreds to thousands of mustangs, it is emotional while driving through the herds, only being able to choose one or two to rescue, seeing the mustang herded to the trailer, seeing the beauty and strength, then the panic and fear in the mustangs eyes as it is loaded. Experiencing the incredible transformation that happens once the mustang is at FSEC as the handler begins to gain the wild mustangs complete trust and compassion. To the final stage of the handler emotionally being happy to see his or her success, hard work, and then eventually handing the mustang over to the mustangs new loving home for them to share and enjoy the success of the handler.
WARNING all equine can be dangerous causing injury or death whether domestic, gentled, trained, un-trained, in training or wild.  You should not attempt anything that you see or read on this web site or any other horse activities, unless you have been previously professionally trained to do so by your own personal equine trainer. 
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