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TIBERIUS, 4yr, Gelding

TIBERIUS - April 17, 2013 - DAY 1
       Tiberius (Ti) was captured as a yearling on August 21, 2009 from Seaman, Nevada. He has been at BLM holding facility until today, when TIP Trainer Chelsie seen that special something in his quiet calm eyes, conformation, good looks and wonderful attitude. He was not the dominant horse in pasture but quietly held his own ground if he needed to. Chelsie knew right away that he would make a wonderful sport or trail horse for someone and choose him for the TIP program. 
       He has a relaxed attitude and does not seem to interested in much more than hanging around and maybe looking for a tasty snack. When Chelsie asked Ti for the trot, he was eager to please and show off his flowing movement and impulsion. Ti is approximately 15 hands, good conformation, great hooves, striking all black coat (if I could only keep him from enjoying rolling in the mud), stands square, good balance, and proportioned wonderfully. He has a long and low walk and a smooth extended trot. 
      As Ti walked from the trailer into his new surroundings, he didn't seem to have a care in the world and was calm, cool and collected. Within minutes Chelsie was able to approach him, take the lead rope and immediately touch him for the first time and lead him quietly around the round pen.
      Tiberius will make a wonderful sport or trail  horse, he has stamina, flowing movement, impulsion, great trot, and can go western or English. He is put together perfectly, straight legs, stands square, balanced, and evenly proportioned.  



DAY 2 - April 18, 2013 -
      No video and minimal work done with horses today, extremely windy, was difficult for horses and riders alike to withstand the 30-40 mph winds.

DAY 3 - April 19, 2013 -
          Worked with Tiberius doing round pen work
, learning to move forward and desensitizing. Also working with Ti on walking up to him and attaching lead rope and petting his face. He is still a bit stand offish but I am getting positive improvements daily. 

Day 4 - April 20, 2013 - LEFT FOR OUT OF TOWN, Tiberius was learning round pen work before we left out of town, he learned that the horse trailer is a safe comfortable place and is starting to enjoy going into it. Ti has been showing us his impressive, very impulsive, floating trot. Tiberius just got to chill out and get accustom to his surroundin
gs and get accustom to ranch hand entering his area to feed and clean.

Day 5 - April 21, 2013 - OUT OF TOWN, Tiberius just got to chill out and get accustom to his surroundings and get accustom to ranch hand entering his a
rea to feed and clean.

DAY 6 -9 - April 22/25, 2013 - MAJOR CONSTRUCTION BEING DONE AT RANCH, out of fairness to Tiberius we have been holding off on his training due to the large equipment being driven around, loud noises, and large number of workers milling about. We are still entering his round pen, petting, and loving him until construction is complete. Ti was a bit nerved out over all of this so our goal is to help keep him happy and calm, letting him know there is nothing to be afraid of. 

DAY 10 - April 26, 2013 - CONSTRUCTION IS STILL NOT 100% COMPLETE - worked with Tiberius in the early evening as everyone started leaving. Tiberius did very well around all the large equipment, chain saws, wood chipper and loud power tools. He would shy away a little and then realize they were not after him and would stand, watch what was going on. Worked on having Tiberius moving towards handler, and touching, petting, and scratching his face. Within 30 minutes Tiberius was allowing Chelsie to scratch his forehead, wrap her hand around his nose, and fiddle with his nostrils and mouth. Tiberius is extremely alert and willing as he would turn when he heard the cell phone taking picture and video of him. He naturally likes to stand square keeping his neck and head proudly elevated and is quite athletic. 

DAY 11 - April 27, 2013 - Construction almost completed - worked with Tiberius on standing with handler during some of the loud construction noises and walking around. He moved nicely from handlers movements and is coming along nicely. Notice how nice and square Tiberius stands.

DAY 12-13 - April 28 & 29 - out of town -

DAY 14 - April 30, 2013 - Tiberius got to meet Chelsie's ranch horse Fleet. Tiberius was great around Fleet, Ti was not aggressive, willing to follow as he gently sniffed Fleet and was not concerned with being in the lead. Ti was completely comfortable being around Fleet. Worked with Tiberius on ponying and learning how to follow correctly while ponying. Tiberius squares by himself nicely and tracks perfectly. Tiberius black
luster coat is amazing as it shimmers in the evening sunlight, he did great today and we had many successes. 

DAY 15 - May 1, 2013 - Had 40 mph winds today at ranch and it was pretty difficult to work in but Tiberius and Chelsie tought it out. Tiberius did great today dis-spite the high winds. Worked on desensitizing his body and face, he came around quickly as you can see in the video below. Ti first moved away from the rope and later he just stood patiently. Tiberius was comfortable with Chelsie being in his space as they were nose to nose at times during the training session. Ti is beginning to trust Chelsie as they progress with the training, allowing her to walk up, get the lead rope and start leading him. They also worked on round pen etiquette and having Ti move off Chelsie's body language.

DAY 16 -May 2, 2013 - The 40 mph winds picked up to 50-60 mph today and there was to much dirt blowing in the air to work with the horses.

DAY 17 - May 3, 2013 -
Most of the major construction is completed, the winds died down and it was much quieter on the ranch today. Today was Tiberius turning point where he totally submitted to Chelsie. Chelsie always gets goose bumps when the transformation from completely wild to a bonding friendship happens. Chelsie was able to do multiple sessions with Tiberius and each was very successful and better than the last. Tiberius accepted Chelsie as one of his horseie friends as Chelsie worked on desensitizing Ti's head and neck. By the second secession Tiberius was nuzzling in on Chelsie wanting to return the affection. Chelsie was able to stand inches away from Tiberius, looking him directly in the eyes while Tiberius with his soft eyes looked into her eyes. He stayed calm and relaxed with Chelsie even when the dogs came running from the bushes behind Ti and ran around looking for squirrels. Tiberius chewed softly in acceptance putting his head on Chelsie's shoulder. At one point Ti became so relaxed he shut his eyes and put all his weight on Chelsie shoulder buckling her knees a bit. Chelsie worked on entrapment of Tiberius's head and he was excellent, with not a care in the world as he felt safe, calm and secure with his newly accepted best friend, Chelsie. Chelsie is excited to see what tomorrow brings.

DAY 18 - May 4, 2013 - Just spent quiet time with Tiberius and asked him to do nothing.

DAY 19 - May 5, 2013 - Very cold today and moved Tiberius into the large round pen to work with him. Worked on getting behind the eye and shoulder, touching top line and shoulder area. Worked on leading and stopping by body language. He was a bit touchy but calmed right down and was responsive. Short lesson and video because we all got cold. 

DAY 20, 21, 22 - May 6-7-8, 2013 - Tiberius is a very sensitive Mustang, he is highly perceptive, and smart. He is learning more quickly now as we have continued with desensitizing by stroking, petting and patting and have now moved down his body further. He is doing wonderfully at leading and he is now learning how to follow body language and back up. Ti has learned how to go over poles and rail road ties. We have had several different handler working with Tiberius so he gets used to a variety of people. His flight fright training has been stepped up a notch and he succeeds exceptionally, not bolting away at any time. It was a very successful three days and we are very proud of Tiberius's accomplishments. (Even though we have had Tiberius 22 days, Tiberius has only had a total of 11 days training so far due to the high winds, the major construction happening at ranch, and several days vacation that we took off.. He is doing FANTASTIC for only 11 days of training)

DAY 23, 24, 25 - May 9-11 2013 - We were doing heavy construction again at the ranch, so we gave Tiberius the day off. Tiberius has settled right in with the construction and he seems to now be taking all the commotion in stride. Tiberius has become such a brave boy, notice how he repositions himself to stand balanced and square. 

MAY 16, 2013
SEVERAL new mustangs have come in and Tiberius has become very attached to them and I have not been able to get his full attention. We have continued working with Tiberius getting him used to logs, bridges, tarps but are holding off on some of his gentling until the new mustangs can be moved away from him and we can gain his fuull attention without creating an abundant amount of stress for him.

May 22, 2013
Tiberius is in the trail course being desensitized to logs, tarps, poles, cones, and whips.

Slowed down Tiberius's gentling for the a week or so, need to get him back into the round pen to do some more hands on gentling. Several other Mustangs are in this area so once they have been moved we will be moving Tiberius back in. Letting him chill out in the trail course where he has been playing with everything in there.

Got called onto wildfires in California and was not able to work with Tiberius for a good three weeks. He is an amazing mover and highly sensitive, and shows us that he likes to do things on his terms, not ours. Since he cleverly escaped from his halter and the new wild mustangs are around, he has decided that he is going to show us his wild mustang side again. It's a good thing we are more patient than he is and we have started on re-gentling him. He was refusing to come near people and would just trot off snickering, showing us what a champion he will be someday. The video is taken from far away because we don't want him to feel trapped with two people around him, so we have been giving him plenty of room to re acclimate. He is very inquisitive as he plays with the blue tarp, green grass, cones and logs throughout the day. I had great success yesterday, he came up to me allowing me to pet his face several times and at one point he started to follow me around, all on his own. His new owners hope to pick him up in two weeks, I have my work cut out for me, I hope he will be far enough along again when they come to pick him up :)

Moved some mustangs around, still do not have Tiberius in the pen that I want him in but he is responding much better being next to the smaller mustang Cody. Tiberius became jealous that I was working with Cody and came to the fence a stuck his head through. I walked over to him and started brushing his head and fed him a carrot and he actually seamed to enjoy it as he came back several times to get attention, brushing and a carrot. I am excited that he did this all on his own and came back for more.

Tiberius has been watching us work with the other Mustangs, he has been getting closer and closer as his curiosity grows. I decided to go into the area he is in and see if his trust level was growing. I walked towards him and he started backing away so I just turned and started walking out. Before I could get to the gate Tiberius was right behind me sniffing my head. I turned and gave him a carrot and stepped back into him, he allowed and enjoyed me brushing his head. I felt that he was acting more trusting so I pushed the boundary and moved from his head to his neck and then his back and he again stood fairly still as I continued to brush him. Before he could decide to leave, I again walked off and he followed me to the gate. I was so excited, I can't wait to see how far I can get with him in his next lesson.

Thank You for visiting web site and considering Mustang adoption. 

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