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Justice went from wild to trick horse in 28 days. Tip Trainer Chelsie and Justice taking a bow.


        Sierra is an amazing Mustang mare who was gathered by BLM as a young filly in 2000 at her mothers side. Sierra's herd is from Northern California in the High Rock range. Her freeze mark is # 00212424. She is now 13 years young, approx 15 + hands and is trusting, smart, willing, and sweet. Sierra is a bay, with a beautiful flowing long main and tail. She has fancy markings with a star, hind white snips, and faint dorsal stripe. Sierra is a fantastic stout, trail horse and has a trusting personality as she is willing to do what you ask her. She is under saddle and easy to ride. She is being re trained with a bozzel bridal and has been doing great as she can be ridden on a loose reign. She has a easy, low head at the walk and a super smooth controllable trot.
      Sierra was adopted at a younger age but her owners moved and sadly had to sell her. She then sadly went through several more homes where she was not taken care of properly. Chelsie was happy she found Sierra and was able to rescue her from the poor situation that she had been surviving in. She is an extremely easy keeper and puts on weight easily. She is happy in a stall or in pasture and is ok to go barefoot. All of Sierra's original BLM documents are available.
       This beautiful, talented Mustang needs a second chance and new loving home. Chelsie will continue to work with Sierra daily to fine tune her abilities but she is perfectly ready to be adopted now and take her new owner out on trail.

Sierra Day 1


Tried to work with Sierra all day today and by the time I was done training colts and jumping my mares, time had slipped by and it was dusk. I decided to kick on the big generators so I could turn on the arena lights and attempt to get a
training session in with Sierra. This is obviously not the optimal time to train because most horses have not been around loud generator or have had bright light and lots of shadows to deal with but I figured if it was too much for Sierra I would work with her again in the morning. I was pleasantly surprised as Sierra was all business and went to work. I introduced her to a flag which she had no problems with - and when I say introduced, I mean the flag was all over her. I then turned her halter into a make shift bridal and decided to see what she would do if I hopped on bareback, again she was a dream as I rode her in a halter, bareback. I decided to pressure her a bit more, I took a deep breath to make sure I was completely calm as I took the flag and rode around with it flapping in her face, on her butt, as I twirled the flag around her. Sierra was completely comfortable with it all, I even dismounted at one point and released her and started to walk away with the flag, I motioned her to follow me with my body and she happily followed me, I motioned her to stop with my body and she stopped and I motioned her to walk again with me and she happily did. Sierra is becoming a phenomenal horse, and I can wait to work with her on something new.

Sierra Day 2

Sierra's previous owners stated that they had tried to get her in a trailer for three days straight and that she refuses to get in. They ended up walking Sierra to our ranch. Chelsie decided to see how much work she was going to have in re training her to trust a handler to take her into a trailer. So today was the day, Sierra refused several time and within 30 minutes Chelsie had Sierra leading in and out of the trailer with no problem. Sierra responds quickly and is extremely trusting.

Sierra Day 3

Meet Sierra's new family, they enjoy riding her, trail ride, enjoy going through water and obstacles with Sierra. They are a match made in heaven!

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