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AVAILABLE through FSEC $1800.00

                 Sublime, is an approx 12 year old, 15.3 hand, Arabian, gelding. Goes English or western. His family was going through difficult times, while they tried their hardest to keep him, sadly could not. We were asked if we could rescue and find him a new, loving, suitable home. So we took him in, fattened him up, and have been loving him ever since. He has had a lot of previous training from reining to hunter jumper and we have played around with him quite a bit to see his personality and what he can all do. Sublime is very correct, stands square, and is a very handsome chestnut with four white socks and a star going into stripe. He is a sturdy built, pure bred Arabian and is very showy. Sublime has a great mind, sweet personality and is willing to please, he is suitable for youth and adult riders alike. He is a smooth ride, auto changes, wonderful on trail, goes over natural/man made/stadium jumps, trailers, ties, bathes, great with flags, holds still while bathing/brushing/cleaning hooves/fly spraying/in cross ties/grooming/shaving/saddling/mounting and dismounting. Great in pasture or stall. He has horse show experience, is comfortable in about any situation and will make a fantastic all around companion for his new adoptive family to love, ride and enjoy.

Meet Sublime
Sublime's Adoption fee is only $1800.00, we can help you with local trailering and boarding is also available.
661-993-9654 Chelsie

Sublime on his way to his new home in Montana, he is going to live the good life with another Arab cross. He will have a stall and massive green acreage to live on. His new family do trail riding and this is the perfect home for Sublime. We will update you when we get pictures from his new home in Montana.

Sublime has made it to his new home and is settling in. What an extremely lucky boy he is with his new loving family. Letters and pictures are below from Sublimes new loving home.

I don't have great pics.  Really having trouble capturing how pretty he is with the camera, plus overcast days and a lot of work days where I am gone during daylight.  Anyway, he is doing good.  We are keeping him in at night and trying to give him extra food.  He hates being away from the other horses so we keep our 24 year old rescue mustang with him - who is not aggressive at all.  My horse (the paint) and Sublime get along great until they are in the coral and then they are both aggressive and have been kicking toward each other.  Don't want any injuries so for now they are separated when in.   It should all work out in time.  Sublime is very nice on the ground.  He has had his feet trimmed and the vet came over to check him out.  He loves to be groomed.  My saddle fits him nicely with an extra pad and a slight girth adjustment, and I have a nice bridle/bit set up that he doesn't seem to mind.  So far a little light ridding when it has not windy.  We are enjoying having this beautiful elegant horse on our property :)
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