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Locating & Acquiring Equine In Need

 Where do these equine come from and why were they in need?
     We have purchased straight out of slaughter trucks, auctions, found abandoned in vacant lots, called by concerned horse lovers to look into horses they have found in poor situations, asked to help by horse owners in difficult situation, found horses in extremely poor backyard situations, we have been brought starved horses that other people have rescued and surrenders, we have found horses with their head tied high into a tree and left for days not being able to lower its head to eat and drink, people who have inherited a horse and don't know what to do and more.
      A large percentage of the equine we acquire/rescue are due to abandonment issues. Many people sadly get board , move on, don't want to pay a trainer, don't understand the equine, get to busy, can't afford the care needed, loose their job or home, can't admit they are in over their head, divorce and legal issues. Trainer or owner attempts to force the equine into a discipline it is not suited for and more. Sadly in all these difficult situations owners slowly or abruptly abandon the care, love, upkeep, medical needs, leave standing alone and lack of attention an equine needs. Many miss understood equine are sadly sent to slaughter, auctions or even put down by their owner. Sometimes people feel that they can train a young horse but then realize it takes many many hours, money, lots of patience and knowledge and they loose interest so they abandon the project leaving the equine to sit doing nothing. The trainer hates the horse so it no longer is getting the love and attention it deserves from the owner or trainer.  The equine was difficult so cruel training techniques were used. We have found equine hoarders who don't realize that they have bitten off more than they can handle and all suffer. Thought it would be cool to own a horse and keeps just to say they have one but gives no love and attention and more.

How do we decide which equine and who to work with?
      It is truly heartbreaking not being able to help them all. Equine are chosen that we feel we have the resources to be able to help. We only work with a few equine at a time until they are adopted into loving homes. We pre-determine if we have the training ability to help the horse become successful in the horse world as a family pet, trail or show horse. We look at temperament, previous training if any, horses possible forte, movement, confirmation, situation, what space and time we have available, which horses will be strong, healthy and sound after rehabilitation. These decisions are to help give the best outcome for the equine and new loving adopter. Some hoses due to injuries never rehabilitate properly and live out the rest of their life at FSEC.

What we provide and how?
        We provide a safe loving haven for these equine until their forte is found, trained, healthy, rehabilitated and a qualified new loving adoptive home is found. It could take months to years for this process to be accomplished before we decide to allow a rescued/surrender/abandoned/abused equine go up for adoption. We use over 75% of our own resources for the rehabilitation process. Adoption fees and donations only supplement the costs incurred for these equine by approximately 25%. 

How do we come up with adoption fee amounts and why is it not all the same price?
          The adoption fee amounts are based on what resources were put into each equine to get them rehabilitated, gentled, trained, and medically up to date for our adoption standards. Some need less resources than others so their adoption fee reflects that. With each adoption we usually get only 50-60% of our resources replaced. Your adoption helps us continue being able to find other equines in need.

Horses FOR SALE on our site.
         Horses that are listed FOR SALE on our site have not had a hardship situation and we are keeping in training until a loving home can be found.

Thank you for your support, help, adoptions, purchases and providing loving homes. 
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