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Justice went from wild to trick horse in 28 days. Tip Trainer Chelsie and Justice taking a bow.

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         Adopt a Mustang with an official Mustang Heritage Foundation Certified TIP Trainer located at Fire Storm Equestrian Center's (FSEC) family owned ranch located in Santa Clarita, California. Our goal is to help you find the right Mustang, whether your looking for a companion, trail, performance, or a family horse.
       FSEC's friendly, easy going TIP Trainer, Chelsie, can help you adopt the right Mustang, do gentling or full training so you can develop a strong, loving, harmonious bond between equine and owner.
      BLM adoption fee is only $125.00 on all Mustangs at BLM holding facilities. Chelsie thrives on safety for the handler and equine while making adopting your Mustang a fun and enjoyable experience.
      Adopting equine directly from FSEC can be assorted breeds, in various stages of gentling or training. Adoption fee for these equine varies on age, stage of gentling, training and rehabilitation process. You will find adoption fees for these equine listed on the AVAILABLE page located on left side of this page. Your adoption fees helps fund our Veteran PTSD program, saving, rescuing, helping equine out of difficult situations, helping families re-home and adoption of equine in need. These funds help allow FSEC to rehabilitate, give medical care, gentle, transport, train, farrier care, vaccinations, worming, adoption process, and care for these equine in need until eventually placing them in a new loving home like yours.
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Chelsie, equine gentled and in full training with Chelsie.

CLICK HERE to read more on how we locate and acquire horses in need.

Shipping is available throughout the US.

Thank You for visiting web site and considering Mustang adoption. 

WARNING all equine can be dangerous causing injury or death whether domestic, gentled, trained, un-trained, in training or wild.  You should not attempt anything that you see or read on this web site or any other horse activities, unless you have been previously professionally trained to do so by your own personal equine trainer.  
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