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                                                                 Bill of Sale / Agreement / Adoption

    I Marilia Coulombe (hereinafter “SELLER”) on ________________2013, am Selling/Entering into Bill of Sale / Agreement / Adoption (hereinafter AGREEMENT) for_______________________ (hereinafter “HORSE”) for the sum of $____________to______________________________________________,(hereinafter”BUYER”) and is based on following:

WHEREAS, the HORSE is an approximately______ years old, can be identified by______________________________________________________________________________________. BUYER desires to enter AGREEMENT for the HORSE from SELLER for the sum of $_______________. BUYER has chosen to / not to conduct a veterinary inspection before purchasing the HORSE.

NOW, THEREFORE, the BUYER and SELLER agrees as follows:

1) BUYER has been given full opportunity to inspect, investigate the HORSE to BUYER satisfaction. BUYER is in agreement with above descriptions of HORSE prior to signing this AGREEMENT. BUYER expressly agrees that BUYER is entering AGREEMENT for the HORSE “as-is” and that the SELLER made no warranties with the respect to the health/condition/training of the HORSE, it’s performance, abilities, temperament, or fertility.
2) SELLER warrants that SELLER is the sole and lawful owner or agent of HORSE, owns HORSE free of any liens and encumbrances, and has all requisite rights and powers to enter into this AGREEMENT.
3) Risk of loss, injury, damages, maintenance medical, farrier services, medical, training, transportation, or death passes to BUYER upon execution of this AGREEMENT.
4) BUYER RELEASES AND FOREVER DISCHARGE SELLER and its officers, directors, partners, investors, shareholders, agents, owners, employees, sub contractor, all land owners, renters, lessees, volunteers, trainers, event organizers, adjoining land owners, owners of any equipment/vehicles/trucks on property, judges, event organizers, vendors, food suppliers, food preparers, food servers, Coulombe / Sarvis / Gros family members, Water Tenders Inc., West Coast Water Tenders, inc., High Torque Marine, inc., any and all affiliate Trusts, all instructors, trainers, coaches, helpers, grooms, caretakers, and other persons acting on their behalf or in concert with them ( hereinafter the ~RELEASED PARTIES~) FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, LIABILITIES, AND LOSSES BASED ON NEGLIGENCE PASSIVE OR ACTIVE, STRICT LIABILITY, FAILURE TO WARN OR OTHERWISE, AGREES TO HOLD HARMLESS, REGARDLESS OF NEGLIGENT ACTS OF OR OMISSIONS,  the RELEASED PARTIES for injury, permanent injury, death, losses of any kind, damages to BUYER,  HORSE(s) or any other person, animal or property, directly or indirectly arising out of or resulting from BUYER inspecting, investigating, entering into AGREEMENT for HORSE(s) from SELLER, domestic / wild animals of any kind, riding, vaulting, trail riding, handling, carting, training, instructing, catching, interacting, haltering, loading, transporting, boarding, stabling, helping, coaching, exercising, jumping, gymkhana, barrel racing, eventing, penning, games, washing, feeding, breeding, medical treatment, care, schooling, showing, practicing, shoeing, competing, including any and all other HORSE sports/activities (hereinafter ~ACTIVITIES~) (whether or not under the supervision of parents, and or RELEASED PARTIES)  (whether owned, rented, leased, borrowed, property of RELEASED PARTIES, or otherwise) on the premises of the RELEASED PARTIES, or in any adjacent areas where HORSE(s)/horse(s) are stabled, ridden, boarded, handled, or ACTIVITIES. BUYER promise to indemnify and hold RELEASED PARTIES harmless from any loss, injury, permanent injury, damage, claim, judgment or expense that RELEASED PARTIES may arising out of BUYER ACTIVITIES/activities/inspection/investigating or presence on such or in such areas.
5) This AGREEMENT will be governed by the California Law.

Executed __________________,2013



Phone #_______________________________, ____________________________
BUYER SIGNATURE______________________________________________

SELLER SIGNATURE_____________________________________________
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