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Justice went from wild to trick horse in 28 days. Tip Trainer Chelsie and Justice taking a bow.
offered by FSEC $850.00

AVAILABLE CODY, REGISTERED MUSTANG, GELDING, PONY, 13 HANDS, FOALED 2009. If you ever wanted to own a wild-free roaming mustang and have been worried you wouldn't be able to saddle break him than your worries are over.

Cody has a fantastic mind and is extremely willing to learn. Started correctly using natural horsemanship He has been saddle broke and already has a multitude of rides on him. All you will need to do is polish this wonderful diamond in the rough and put on miles. He is stout and a great size, perfect for youth to petite adult. Requires a rider or handler that is an accomplished horseman to finish his training.

Cody can go English or Western, seems to have no limitation, has good smooth gaits, stands square, enjoys jumping, is trusting and brave.
He is very fancy with white socks, blaze and dorsal stripe. He has all the qualities to become a champion or an all around family member. Prospect for hunter/jumper, cross country, gymkhana, barrels, Pony Club, trail, trail trial, and more. 

Cody is a one owner horse, he was hand picked with Chelsie at BLM in Ridgegrest with his owner and was put immediately into natural horsemanship training at FSEC. Cody was a quick learner and was broke to ride in only 16 days. His owners were ecstatic with his progress and sweet disposition. Sadly sometime after acquiring Cody his owners situation changed dramatically and they could no longer keep Cody. They took Cody out of training and kept him at FSEC until his registration paperwork was in order. Cody has now been turned over to FSEC to find him a new loving home.

Below you can watch videos of Cody's training from the day he arrived with another mustang.


        Cody was part of the White River HA in Ely, Nevada. As a foal in 2009 he was part of an emergency gather on August 31st, 2009 by the BLM due to his herds water source had dried up. He was held at a BLM holding facility for 4 -1/2 years. He had been transferred to the Ridgecrest, CA  BLM where his new owner and Chelsie seen his potential and was adopted.

  DAY 1 at FSEC              
        In the early evening, once they had time to settle, Chelsie began their gentling process and was able to get both Cody and Showtime to follow her and was able to get in the first touch on both Mustangs. As you watch the video they stay quite calm and do fantastic, at one point Showtime wants to remind us that he is wild as he spins and bolts away but immediately settles and allows the gentling process to continue. They will be separated in the next few days for training purposes so they will get equal attention and help them accept people as part of their herd. Chelsie will slowly increase the pressure of the gentling process and training process to mitigate stress on Cody and Showtime. When pressured to quickly and hard, equine can develop saver ulcers and injure themselves and the handler. Chelsie's goal is to get both Mustangs under saddle within the next few months while keeping Cody happy, healthy mentally and physically which is also their owners goals. We will keep you updated with Cody's progress. PLEASE NOTE THESE VIDEOS WERE TAKEN WHILE CODY WAS BEING TRAINED FOR PREVIOUS OWNERS. CODY IS AVAILABLE NOW. 

       Worked with Cody on gentling, getting close, holding lead rope, and bending. Showtime allowed both sides to be pet, and he also did wonderful.

DAY 3-5
       Separated Cody and Showtime, let them settle and then back to gentling. I was surprised that Cody was perfectly fine with being separated and is taking to people great. Showtime seems to be resistant to the whole thing of being separated and is having difficulty paying attention to Chelsie for the time being, only wanting to be around another horse.
      Cody is a little character and is getting a personable personality. Worked with Cody brushing entire body, putting weight onto his back, entrapment, working with his legs and starting to lift his front hoof, bending to pressure and started leading. He is doing very well for only five days and moving along nicely. 
       Each Mustang has a very different personality, Chelsie's goals is to bring out the best in each one.

Working with Showtime on trust and round pen work, following and moving away from Chelsie's body language. Worked with rope on Cody, getting him accustom to new flight fright objects. 


Day 7, 8 , 9
While under Chelsie's instruction and watchful eye she sent in someone new to work with Cody to get used to other people handling them. Cody worked with pad training, leading and surprisingly he even allowed us to swing and tie a rope around him. He was resistant but after a few days he did fine. Cody is right sided and will allow us to approach from the right and pet and lift his hooves from the right but he is still quite resistant on the left side not allowing anything to initiate from the left. Will continue to move forward with Cody and will take our time with the left side.


DAY 10
We all just got back from fighting the wildfires in California. Lost track of the days, but below would now be Cody's Day 10 of training. We were worried that Cody would forget everything, since we were gone but they didn't. Cody did go backwards a bit, but quickly started back onto track.

DAY 11
Had a relaxing day with Cody worked on brushing and braiding Cody.

DAY 12
Cody has been doing excellent and is progressing quite nicely. We have been reinforcing everything already learned and we have cinched saddle down, walked Cody with saddle on, weight in saddle, weight shifts, foot touching his side and getting forward motion along with working on his mouth.

DAY 13
Working to get on top of Cody's back, multiple people, leg and foot touching and brushing over him, someone wearing a helmet and more.

DAY 14, 15
Did intensive work with Cody doing multiple 3 hour secessions, he is almost ready to ride. Working on bending, round pen work, hand signals, multiple saddle configurations, different weight saddles, additional weight on saddle, uneven weight and more. One more three to four hour secession and he should be ready to ride. Showtime watched intensely and was very curious. 

DAY 16
It happened today, rode Cody. Everything went text book, first brushed and did round pen work, re enforced everything I had done the previous days. Cody is a smart cookie, at first he was being stubborn, not wanting to work but after a few hours he realized that I was just as stubborn as he was and decided to do things my way. Once he started doing things my way I saddled him, did a little more round pen work with the saddle on and then got on him.
Not going to lie, I was more nervous than Cody at this point and my leg was shaking as I hoped all the ground work I did was going to pay off and Cody was hopefully not going to attempt to violently buck me off. I rode him at a walk for 30 minutes doing circles, bending lines, and directions changes. I was able to dismount easily and Cody was a joy to ride. 

DAY 17
Just hung out with Showtime and Cody. Brushed them and played follow the leader. They thought it was all fun and games but they were really still being taught and they didn't even know it.


DAY 18, 19, 20
Worked on reinforcement with Cody. Put second ride on Cody and walk, trotted, backed, flexed, and turns. This little guy has been great under saddle and never seems to stop impressing us. Showtime is showing us what he is made of, he is now showing us his sweet and extremely curious personality
. the more we work with him, the sweeter he becomes.


DAY 21, 22
Cody was led out of the corral for the first time since he was captured by BLM in the wild four years ago. He was completely trusting of Chelsie and experienced many new flight fright situations and he stay quiet and under control. He was first taken into the trail course where he weaved in and out of barrels, walked over a wooden bridge, walked over a green tarp and walked over rail road ties. From there Cody was led out of the corrals and onto our ranch roads where he walked and watched closely that he was no longer in containment. He the was walked through the jumping arena where he seen colorful show jumps and back out between two donkey's, over water puddle, over rubber mats, next to a running water fountain, past large red umbrella and then finally into the scary barn over more rubber mats, and into an enclosed stall with shavings. Worked with Showtime on following handler in round pen and brushed him again.

Cody being worked in large arena.

Cody was a little trooper today as he got his third ride. Chelsie really wanted to
to see what he could do so she rode him in the trail course today. He went over the squeaky, flexing bridge multiple times. Chelsie was able to stop Cody on-top of the bridge and pivot Cody different directions to walk of bridge. Cody did serpentine patterns, went through obstacles, over rail road ties, poles and over an uneven green tarp. We were also working on stopping, trotting, turns and backing. He is doing wonderful. He still likes to remind us that he is a wild mustangs but it is happening much less.

Cody ,Third Ride

Worked with Cody putting a halter on and off and brushing him in his stall.

Worked with Cody in round pen today. We were curious if he could jump and he can quite nicely. Cody could have turned away from the jumps but he had no problem and cleared the jumps with style. Then worked with him on putting on a fly mask and he was a bit resistant but after a bit of work it was on.


Cody went through tarp training today, he had seen the tarp hanging from Showtimes area and was quiet upset, he was worried it would eat him, so he kept his distance. When the wind would catch it, causing it to flutter, he would run frantically to the other side. Chelsie knew now that this was a problem, so she spent a full day mitigated his fright flight reaction, helping Cody understand that is was OK , that he was not going to get eaten by this horrible flapping blue thing and that Chelsie would be right by his side to protect him. By the end of the day Chelsie could cover, slide, and wrap Cody up in the tarp and Cody was now quite relaxed with the whole idea of the killer tarp encompassing his head and body.

Was not able to work with Cody for a while because we were all working the Rim fire in California. Got back home and did some extensive reinforcement work. He enjoying the fluffy shavings and roll around getting accustom to barn life.

Cody has been progressing great the last few months. Below is a video of his progress.

Thank You for visiting web site and considering Mustang adoption. 

WARNING all equine can be dangerous causing injury or death whether domestic, gentled, trained, un-trained, in training or wild.  You should not attempt anything that you see or read on this web site or any other horse activities, unless you have been previously professionally trained to do so by your own personal equine trainer.  
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