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Adoption fee $3,800.00

Cleo is one lucky girl. Her new family and her are a match made in heaven. Her new forever home is on our beautiful pacific coast where she will go on casual trail rides throughout the mountains and beaches. Her new mom has a wonderful understanding of Mustangs and is a talented rider and the FSEC Family wishes them many many happy years together.

May 2014

     Cleo is a RARE find, she is not your usual 5 year old Mustang mare. She was born in the wild, captured by BLM and in holding for several years. She was then by chance offered by BLM for a Mustang Make Over prospect. Her number was pulled and off she went for 100 days to be gentled and trained by someone.
     The trainer did a wonderful job and Cleo was in The Mustang Make Over 2013 Event in Norco, Ca. From the event auction, she was then sadly purchased by an impulse buyer who abandon her purchase. A Good Samaritan then got her from the auction but did not have the resources and was only able to provide a temporary home. 
This compassionate mare had given her heart and soul and she was just left behind. Cleo was definitely sad, depressed and confused by this point and had a few trust issues. That is when Chelsie found her and introduced her to the FSEC ranch family.

Chelsie has spent hundreds of hours just giving her the love and attention she needed and deserved. She is now relaxed, happy, healthy, has companionship with people, horses and dogs at FSEC. Chelsie has been filling in all the missing pieces of training which was not able to be accomplished in the short 100 day period allowed by BLM for the Mustang Make Over.

Cleo has become a well rounded mare, able to preform many disciplines. Her training, love and attention will continue until she is able to find her new permanent loving family.

Cleo is approx 5 years old, 15.2 hands, stout, sound, mare. She goes English and western and is suitable for female and male riders alike. She should be appropriate and forgiving enough for an advanced beginner rider with a trainer and sensitive enough for an experienced rider. Trailers, baths, ties, confident, barefoot o.k., great feet, lead changes, stands square and balanced, extremely sturdy, tracks beautifully, proportioned well, healthy coat, tracks nicely, no issue that we have found.

Great ranch, family trail, trail trial, gymkhana, English /Western pleasure, showmanship, drill team, vaulting, mounted police, Pony Club, or? Unlimited possibilities and she is willing to learn.

MORE VIDEOS OF CLEO COMING SOON, you'll be pleasantly surprised over all that she has accomplished.

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