Adopt Your
 Gentled Mustang
A Piece Of American
Justice went from wild to trick horse in 28 days. Tip Trainer Chelsie and Justice taking a bow.


If you are interested in one of the Mustangs on please notify TIP trainer Chelsie Coulombe 661-993-9654 to verify the Mustang that you like does not already have someone in process of adopting.

Please NOTE: It usually takes 7-12 days for BLM adoption paperwork to be approved. You can also send out adoption form and get pre approved for Mustang adoption, so when the Mustang you fall in love with appears you can secure as yours right away.

To get mailing information for BLM and questions on filling out form, call BLM 1-800-951-8720 

Click   HERE   to get to link for BLM adoption form.

Click  HERE   to get FSEC SALE/ADOPTION form.

Thank You for visiting web site and considering Mustang adoption. 

WARNING all equine can be dangerous causing injury or death whether domestic, gentled, trained, un-trained, in training or wild.  You should not attempt anything that you see or read on this web site or any other horse activities, unless you have been previously professionally trained to do so by your own personal equine trainer.  
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