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Justice went from wild to trick horse in 28 days. Tip Trainer Chelsie and Justice taking a bow.


MAY 25, 2013

Blue Sky was adopted out of Colorado from the BLM inmate gentling facility. He was captured at a very young age and has been there in training for 1 1/2  years. The inmates gentled and broke Blue Sky to ride and his new owner has brought him to Chelsie for a month of experience and manners training. Blue Sky is handsome, sound, sturdy built Mustang and Chelsie will be exposing him to farm animals, water, ponying, up and down hills, working over banks, tarps, poles etc.  Will do a lot of in hand exposure, so once owner is up and riding Blue will take things in stride knowing how to handle situations that may arise on the trail. During this process if Chelsie finds areas where Blue  needs some attention, she will work on mitigating any improper behavior. 

During Blue Sky's session today when Chelsie pushed him to listen, he reared, thinking he was Hi Ho Silver. This is dangerous and unacceptable behavior. Chelsie immediately corrected him and continued training. He did pond /water exposure, banks, small hills, backing, going over small logs and worked on bending. He took everything in stride but when he wanted to be finished he was sure to let you know. He has a small personal space issue but that is almost already corrected. Also when picking his hooves and holding them for a while we found that he likes to put all his weight on you and attempt to lay down (he's very relaxed). So we had his owner hold his lead rope while we picked his hooves and will be working also on this. Going to help him understand he has to carry his own weight. All in all Blue Sky is a very wonderful Mustang who seems to learn quickly and is willing. The inmates did a nice job on starting him and his new owner and loving home is going to thoroughly enjoy him. We will post occasional videos on his progress.

We all just got back from the fires in California. Sorry for no updates for awhile. Blue is a wonderful Mustang and very willing to learn. He has learned to pony, go over obstacles, pond work, put on a fly mask, fly spray, roll on spray, hold his hoof for farrier and us, personal space and much more. Sadly we only have a partial video clip because there was no one to video a lot of Blues progress because of the California wildfires. This is the last update on Blue because he just was moved to his permanent residence up north, we will miss him. 

Thank You for visiting web site and considering Mustang adoption. 

WARNING all equine can be dangerous causing injury or death whether domestic, gentled, trained, un-trained, in training or wild.  You should not attempt anything that you see or read on this web site or any other horse activities, unless you have been previously professionally trained to do so by your own personal equine trainer.  
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